The Futami Twins are idols from 765 Production and both initially appeared in the arcade version of the game THE iDOLM@STER. They're twin sisters consisting of Ami Futami and Mami Futami, with Mami being the older and mature of the two. Click on their names for more information.


Ami and Mami use these nicknames when addressing the other idols:

  • Haruka: はるるん "Harurun"
  • Chihaya: 千早お姉ちゃん "Chihaya-oneechan"
  • Yayoi: やよいっち "Yayoicchi"
  • Yukiho: ゆきぴょん "Yukipyon"
  • Ritsuko: 律っちゃん "Ricchan"
  • Azusa: あずさお姉ちゃん "Azusa-oneechan"
  • Iori: いおりん "Iorin"
  • Makoto: まこちん "Makochin"
  • Miki: ミキミキ、ミキミキ師匠 "Mikimiki", "Mikimiki Shishou"
  • Hibiki: ひびきん、ナイちゃん "Hibikin" (Danketsu 2010), "Nai-chan" (As noted in the official Puchimasu! manga.),
  • Takane: お姫ちん "Ohimechin"
  • Skyla: "Osora-chan"
  • Keroro: "Kekero-kun"
  • Tamama: "Tamama-chi"
  • Giroro: "Girorin"
  • Kururu: "Kurukuru Megane-san"
  • Dororo: "Dororon"

Also, the twins call Producer 兄ちゃん、兄(C) "Nii-chan" or "Nii-(C)" (As noted in their e-mails), which is what you normally would call your own older brother.

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