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Find Haigure (Story)
Keroro: Kero Kero ☆ Panic (Story)

Paper Shin: The Best of the Best! Everyone Gather Up! de arimasu

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Find Haigure (Story)

Keroro: Kero Kero ☆ Panic (Keroro: Kero Kero ☆ Panikku) is identical to Keroro: Kero Kero ☆ Panic from Keroro Gunsou: Enshuu Dayo! Zenin Shuugou Part 2. In this story, the Keroro Platoon does a synchronized dive in the Luna Platz's pool and Keroro must use a pikopiko hammer to knock out all the Vipers who are hiding in this pool.


You have 1 minute to eliminate 30 Vipers who are hiding in the pool. Use your stylus to tap on each of them will knock Viper out, giving one point, but be careful not to hit Keroro's comrades; if you hit one of them, you will lost one point and the Vipers will laugh at you.


  • Tap: Hit a Viper


  • During the score screen, the Idolm@ster will appear on the screen instead of Sumomo.