Kotori Otonashi
Voiced by Takita Juri

Age 2?
Gender female
Species Pekoponian
Date of birth 9 September
Occupation Secretary
Family  ????
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Kotori Otonashi (音無小鳥 Otonashi Kotori?) is the daughter of a former idol and office clerk from 765 Production.


  • Despite not being an idol herself, Kotori still loves to sing.
  • So far, Kotori's age and Three sizes remain unknown, though it is hinted at in a drama that she is not over the age of 25. (The sound is cut off so that one can only hear "twenty-").
  • Kotori's role in the games is more of a tutorial guide than a story character.
  • Kotori has a small crush on Producer, often asking him to treat her to dinner or take her for a drink.
  • Juri Takita once said in an interview that Kotori's character color is ひよこ色, the light yellow color of chicks.