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Paper Shin is a series spin-off of Keroro Gunsou, Shin-chan, Hamtaro, Pokemon, Puchimas, Starfy, Rhythm Heaven, Kirby etc etc.

Episode typesEdit

Paper Shin: A well-known series with comedy-like format. It tells about five frog-like aliens trying to take over the Earth while going adventures with Shin Nohara and his family along with his friends.

Chibi Kero: This series revolves Keroro, Giroro, Pururu and Dororo's childhood and their crazy adventures.

Warrior Kero: It's about Keroro and the others fighting Warrior Vipers on Sengoku Ran Planet.

Pretty Square: Pretty Square revolves around the Keroro Platoon protecting the Earth with help of Pop and her friends while collecting pretty crystals from Kuromi and Baku.

Puchimas!: It's about petit version of Idolm@ster and their wacky adventures at 756 pro.

Hi, Hamtaro! A mini series of Hamtaro and his friends' small adventures.

Pokemon Kero: It's about Kerotoshi's journey to become the greatest Pokemon trainer.