Paper Shin: The Best of the Best! Everyone Gather Up! de arimasu is a game based on the series Paper Shin.

This game includes over 100 minigames from the previous edition series games, 45 new minigames and 10 updated versions of older games.

List of Minigames Edit

Majority of the games appear in Story Mode, where they are grouped into places of four: one Keroro Gunsou series game, one Crayon Shin-chan series game, one Hamtaro series game, and one new game.

NOTE: If the game is marked with (Story), this means that this is a variant of the original minigame, with a new song and considerably easier challenge. Games that are titled with "Return of" are the original variants of the games. Is it marked like this to avoid confusion, as some minigames, like the entirety of Dororo's Garden, are their original variants.

Keroro's Gunpla Room Edit

Keroro Platoon: Jumping Keron / Butt-Alien Invasion / Nail the Rhythm / Kat and Ana's Hide 'N' Seek

Giroro's Weapon Warehouse Edit

Giroro: Touch Crisis / The Goblin Tag / Pinecone Attack / The Brave Ninja

Yamada's Sports Gym Edit

Keroro Platoon: Run, Keros! / Hima A Go Go / Sweet Tennis Match / Dorayaki Shooting

First Gate Edit


Tamama's Candy Shop Edit

Keroro: Kero Kero ☆ Panic / Find Haigure / Bungee-Jump Rescue / Candy Shop Panic

Kururu's Lab Edit

Keroro: Searching for Keron / Where is Shin-chan? / Circle Pashmina / Clemont's Tools Searching

Dororo's Garden Edit

Keroro: Keron Ball / Trash Waste Catch / Victory Swipe / The Big Clean Up

Second Gate Edit

B Men Attack

Shin Keroro's Fancy Room Edit

Keroro Platoon: Spinning Keron / Kantam Robo Basket / Penelope Pinball / Dance, Dance and Dance!

Pururu's Medical Room Edit

Keroro Platoon: Keron Dasher / Bicycle Race / Ham-Ham 100m Hurdles / Race to Finish!

Starlow's Cosmic Land Edit

Keroro: Fly, My Little Rocket! / UFO Rescue / Coffee Bean Toss / Earth Saver

Third Gate Edit

Super Jump-Rope Jam

Angol Mois' Uncle Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Keron Racing / Big Dog Race / Sunflower-Bloom Relay! / Sumo Wrestling / Uncle Remix

After the Angol Mois' stage is cleared, the credits roll and Bo makes it back to the Rainbow Land... Well, almost. But, new minigames get unlocked.

Kat & Ana's Gunpla Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Jumping Keron Returns! / Butt-Alien Invasion 2 / Nail the Rhythm 2 / Kat and Ana's Hide 'N' Seek 2 / Gunpla Remix

Sasuke's Military Battlefield Tower Edit

Giroro: Touch Crisis 2 / The Goblin Tag 2 / Pinecone Attack 2 / The Brave Ninja 2 / Battlefield Remix

Korrina's Athletic School Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Run, Keros! 2 /Hima A Go Go 2 / Sweet Tennis Match 2 / Dorayaki Shooting 2 / Sports Remix

Bonnie's Candy Factory Tower Edit

Keroro: Kero Kero ☆ Panic 2 / Find Haigure 2 /  Bungee-Jump Rescue 2 / Candy Shop Big Panic / Candy Remix

Clemont's Science Lab Tower Edit

Keroro: Searching for Keron 2 / Where is Whitey? / Circle Pashmina 2 / Clemont's Inventions Searching / Science Remix

Shuritana's Sweetness Girly Tower Edit

Momoka: Target: Protect the Love / Penny's Dance-a-Copy Lesson / Heart Catch / Furisode Fashion / Girl Remix

Shin-chan's Cool Stuff Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Spinning Keron 2 / Kantam Robo Basket 2 / Penelope Pinball 2 / Super Dance, Dance and Dance! / Buriburi Remix

Maxwell's Game Show Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Keron Answer / Dance Samba, Samba / Pop Quiz / Flying Course Game / Game Show Remix

Howdy's Crazy House Tower Edit

Tamama: Keron Fishing / Koala Battle / Help Me, Catch Me / Big Rock Madness / Crazy Remix

After the nine friend towers are cleared, the credits roll and Bo makes it back to the Rainbow Land. Plus, new minigames get unlocked.

Little Policeman Land Edit

Keroro Platoon: Keron Tag Match / Sunu Man Strikes Back / Karate-Ham Battle / Alien Street Fighters

Meteorite Land Edit

Keroro Platoon: Keron in Action! / Sliding Adventure / Raise Your Flag / Super Kunoichi

Moon Land Edit

Dororo: Tornado Blowing Dororo / Library Mayhem / Shadow Dancing / Pop 'N Balloon

Star Land Edit

Keroro Platoon: Keron Shooter / Roulette Prize / Synchronized Team / Vegeta-Slicing

Fourth Gate Edit

Trace Your Image

After the 4 lands are cleared, Bo returned to the Rainbow Land, but his kingdom has been attacked by Kiruru, Vipers, Chicky-Chickies and the other bad guys. So new minigames get unlocked.

Viper Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Keron Tag Match 2 (Both Viper and Kiruru version.) / Butt-Alien Invasion 3 / Seed Pig-Out / Ultra Kunoichi / Viper Remix

Spat Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Keron Racing 2 / Trash Waste Catch 2 / Cosmic Tennis Match / Alien Street Fighters 2 / Spat Remix

Chicky-Chickie Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Keron in Action 2 / Forest Goblin Tag / Raise Your Flag 2 / Mountain Hide 'N' Seek / Chicky-Chickie Remix

Sunu Man Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Spinning Keron 3 / Cosmic Kantam Robo Basket / Bungee-Jump Rescue 3 / Super Marvelous Ninja / Sunu Man Remix

Nyororo Tower Edit

Dororo: Blowing Tornado Dororo 2 / Action Bastard in Action / Coffee Bean Toss 2 / Furisode Showcase / Nyororo Remix

Kiruru Tower Edit

Keroro Platoon: Let's Go! The Final Battle / Shin-chan VS Shin-chan / Chicken Battle / Revenge of Viper / Kiruru Tower

Extra Games Edit

Extra Games can be bought from the Master shop with Keron Money found by playing Challenge Land's Perfect Campaign and Challenge Train. All extra games are returning minigames from the previous games in the series.

Set 1 Edit

Keroro: Keron Slider / Keroro: Keron Scope / Kururu: Defense! Missile Keronder / Keroro: Keron Trainer / Keroro Platoon: Keron Bowling / Keroro Platoon: Kero Hockey

Set 2 Edit

Hip, Step and Hop / Volley Ball Relay / Toy Cleaning / Soccer / Bug Catching / Floor Cleaner /

Set 3 Edit

Sports Festival / Surfin' Out / Impossible Escape / Stick Pole Race / Whack-a-Croc / Flower Gardening

Set 4 Edit

Toy Corral / Carrot Pull / Chicken Race / Acorn Shoot 'n' Score / Tasty Broiled Seeds / Copycat Critic

Set 5 Edit

Card Match / Big 3-Legend Race! / Stair Hop Hop / Sunflower-Seed Feed / Organ Lesson / Volley Ball Challenge

Set 6 Edit

Hopscotch / Duck and Throw / Petal Catch / Hammer Falling / Basket Balance / Triple Jump

Set 7 Edit

Swing-Set Jump / Sandbox Tunnel / Crazy Cap Catch / Roll, Can, Roll / Barrel of Fun / Fishing Well

Set 8Edit

Chicken Roundup / High Diving / Hammer Toss / Swimming / Panda Patchwork / Apple-Core Crunch

Set 9Edit

Menu Mayhem / Jewel Time / Rainbow Fix It / Barbell Lift / Slip and Dodge / Marathon