Shin Keroro
Shin Keroro from the anime series
Voiced by Aoi Yuki

Aliases Black Star
Age 5
Gender Male
Species Keronian
Friends Luna Platz
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Shin Keroro (ケロロ(新) or ケロロ-II New Keroro/Neo-Keroro/Keroro-2) is the 6th, newest main protagonist of Paper Shin series. He's currently the youngest member of the Keron army, and a part of the Keroro Platoon.

Giroro StyleEdit

"G-Style is Giroro's weapons of mission excel Giroro’s ability possessed style.”

Tamama StyleEdit

"T-Style is Tamama’s high hand-to-hand combat ability possessed style.”

Dororo StyleEdit

"D-Style is Dororo’s possessed high assassin ability provisioned style.”

Kururu StyleEdit

It hasn't been shown openly, but after using it in hiding, Shin showed some minor traits of Kururu's personality for a while, like his laugh, even though he wasn't using the style anymore when he was seen again.


  • He's the youngest Keronian in the Keron Army, being even younger than Tororo. This may be because of him being a Keroro Model.
  • Shin doesn't know how to swim.
  • He also doesn't know how to drive flying board.
  • Shin is one of the only Keronians to have a Kero Ball as a bracelet.
  • Shin Keroro is the only Keronian who hates rain and water in general, but in the hot springs he doesn't feel nothing.