Shuritana new artwork

Aliases Shuri-chan
Age 22
Gender female
Species Pekoponian, Kunoichi
Date of birth 22 July
Occupation Ninja
Family Sasuke, Kat & Ana, Koume (Mother)
Friends Skyla, Reika
Loves Sasuke
Animals Neko
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Shuritana (Japanese: 手裏タナ Shuritana) is a female ninja and a mother of Kat and Ana. She came to Tokyo to see her daughters, but she was accidentally attacked by Shin Keroro who thought she is a bad guy. She is married with Sasuke. She has a cat named Nekomari, which causes her to transform into a human cat.


  • Shuritana is afraid of Treat Spiders, the reason why she hates them is unknown, however.
  • Shuritana loves mud baths because it makes her skin even more skinny in which she is more cute.
  • Shuritana's breasts size is F, making her the only woman with bigger breasts in this series.


Shuritana mug
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